Where it all Started in Ocean City, NJ

Established in 1976, JiLLy’s is the premier place on the Ocean City, NJ Boardwalk to Eat, Play, & Shop. We are very unique to the boardwalk in the fact that we are a multidimensional company operating several retail shops, food concessions, and amusements. Each of our facilities are built and designed with the entire family in mind.

When visiting any JiLLy’s Stores, you can be assured you will receive our award-winning customer service and products. We take a lot of pride in our employee training programs, products, and family environment at each of our 9 boardwalk store fronts. Whether it be a custom made t-shirt, giant ice cream sundae, or a simple game of skeeball, we are proud of every product that we put over our counters and into your hands.

1st Generation

In the mid 1930’s, Herman Bakerman, a non-English speaking Jewish immigrant from Russia became involved in the business of amusements. His humble beginnings were in Brooklyn, NY where he learned how to make mechanical machines like Skeeball, Juke Boxes, games of chance, and roll alleys. He soon found his way to Keansburg, NJ, a small summer resort on the Jersey Shore. He opened an arcade and named it Herman’s Arcade. It was not for quite a few years later in 1949 where he and his wife Celia Bakerman would find their way to Pt. Pleasant, NJ where together they started another business called Herman’s Amusements. Herman and his family operated the popular amusement park until 1987 when it was then sold to what is known today as Jenkinsons.

2nd Generation

In the 1950’s, Herman’s daughter Beverly married to Wally Kreisberg. Together they learned from Herman and eventually operated several arcades, skill games, games of chance and retail stores all over the Jersey Shore including Keansburg, Pt. Pleasant Beach, Seaside Heights & Wildwood. It was very humble beginnings in the 1950’s but they worked extremely hard to build a fantastic business.

3rd Generation

It was not long before their young daughter, Jill Kreisberg married her high school sweetheart, Paul Levchuk. After less than a year of marriage, they too had the dream of following family tradition by opening an Arcade of their own. In 1976, Jill & Paul partnered with Jill’s parents to start JiLLy’s Arcade in Ocean City, NJ. And so begins the Jilly’s story. Jill & Paul worked countless hours with the idea to have the best arcade at the Jersey Shore and a better opportunity for their children. As JiLLy’s Arcade grew, Jill & Paul expanded their horizons by opening an ice cream parlor in 1984 and a $1 store in 1994. They eventually landed numerous awards of excellence for their businesses, all which still remain a fixture on the Ocean City Boardwalk.

4th Generation

In 2001, brothers Jody & Randy Levchuk decided to keep family tradition alive by becoming the 4th generation to create their own business at the Jersey Shore. They saw the success of their elders and decided to go a step further by branding the popular JiLLy name and attaching it to their own ideas. It started with the creation of JiLLy’s French Fry Factory then JiLLys T-Shirt Factory. In 2005, the brothers opened The Spot by JiLLy’s which later transformed. To date, JiLLy’s owns and operates JiLLy’s Arcade, French Fry Factory, Ice Cream Factory, Surf Buggy Centers, 3 T-Shirt Factory locations, an online retail website with custom apparel design, and their brand new Candy Factory!


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Location: 1168 Boardwalk, OCNJ