Simply load any dollar value to the Fun Card, which works on everything in the Arcade!
Let the endless fun begin!

Fun Card FAQ’s

What is a Fun Card?

A Fun Card allows you the ability to play at JiLLy’s Arcade on a cashless basis. You can purchase a card with cash or credit card. The card is then loaded with your selected value. Some values offer BONUS PLAY rewards. See details about Bonus Play below!

Do Fun Cards expire?

Yes, but you have 10 YEARS from the day it was issued!

What if I lose my Fun Card?

As long as your Fun Card is profiled in our system to your name OR you have the unique card number, we can transfer the balance to a new card free of charge. We advise you to write down or take a photo of your card in case it is lost. Try that with a $10 bill!

Can a Fun Card be used on all games?

99% of the games in our facility have a swiper for your Fun Card to work on.

What is Bonus Play?

Bonus Play is a separate bucket of value associated with your Fun Card and is not considered cash. Bonus Play is a reward system given when a certain amount of cash value is purchased. Bonus Play can be used on over 90% of the games. Certain things like Cranes, Photo Booths and Vending Machines will not accept Bonus Play as payment.

Can I split my Fun Card onto other cards?

Yes! Please see an attendant to split the value on your card to other cards- there is no charge for this!

Can I add more value to my Fun Card?

Absolutely! As much as you like!

Can Fun Cards be used in your other JiLLy's Stores?

Your Fun Card’s value will only work at JiLLy’s Arcade and is only transferable to other Fun Cards once loaded. It cannot be transferred back to cash or Gift Card for purchases outside the arcade.

Fun Card, Gift Card... What's the difference?

A JiLLy’s Gift Card will work at ANY of our JiLLy’s Stores and it never expires. It will NOT work on the machines at JiLLy’s Arcade. However, you can use your Gift Card to purchase a Fun Card (see above about Fun Cards). Fun Cards only work at JiLLy’s Arcade.


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JiLLy’s is committed to opening every day that we possibly can. We take great pride in knowing that if people are on the boardwalk, we are open to service them.  Even in the winter season, JiLLy’s stays open.  We love meeting new customers in the summer, but also look forward to seeing our local customers in the shoulder seasons. Please see individual store hours below.    NOTE… Because we are so weather dependent, you can always give us a call at 609-385-1234 to make sure we are open or send us a message on Facebook .  Our hours vary based on weather and crowd.

Best arcade in the history of them!


Took my kids to the same arcade on the OC Boardwalk that I used to frequent as a kid… A fun time.


I’m giving them 5 stars for being open year round. Thank you JiLLy’s.


Never fails. I always stop by the boardwalk and this is one of my first stops.



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